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BeaconControl is a free and open-source platform that enables developers to easily deploy beacons and instantly design beacon-powered proximity solutions.


How does it work?

Quick setup

Identify your beacons quickly. Give them names and place them on a map. Group them into zones to manage your infrastructure conveniently.

Configure actions

Instantly create beacon behaviors with predefined actions, triggers and add-ons, or code new ones with full freedom of creativity.

Deploy fast

Use the iOS SDK to integrate beacon functionality into your mobile apps. Test and go live instantly.

Everything you need to build and power The Physical Web.

Factory Berlin case study

Read more the beacon deployment at the Factory case study

Is there a better place to test a game changing technology than a campus full of innovators? Factory Berlin is an accelerator space that brings together the best startups and international tech companies, sets them up under one roof and provides them with an outstanding workplace, inspiring events, and an involved community of founders and supporters.

The BeaconControl platform allows Factory to deploy beacons instantly and create a technology-enabled workspace without having to building an expansive backend.

Beacons managed by BeaconControl enhance the Factory experience by adding hands-free check-ins and payments, contextual content delivery, indoor navigation, access control and much more.

The BeaconControl platform also empowers the Factory community to design their own proximity-driven reality by providing open source api’s and sdk’s.

Just as it will empower you to create your own projects and solutions.


Product features

Easy Setup Tools

The mobile app and Admin Panel will help you to set up beacons conveniently and efficiently.

Powerful Add-ons

Out-of-the-box extensions will get you started right away with beacon functions for marketing, analytics, navigation, payment and much more.

Simple Management

No technical skills are required to configure beacons, assign actions and triggers or drop in add-ons to extend functionality.

Open Community

BeaconControl is supported by a professional and dedicated community with great ideas and projects.

See SDK and Backend on Github

Industry Standard Backend

BeaconControl is built with Ruby on Rails and uses conventions of The Physical Web to give you the best development experience possible.

See iOS, Android and Backend Docs

Core Team

Need assistance building your proximity solution? We're happy to help you realize your ideas or customize the platform for your specific needs.

Meet the Upnext team

Making developer's lives easier.

It's Open Source. Built with Ruby On Rails. Customizable Ruby Engines (plug-in support). MySQL and PostgreSQL support. Uses Redis for backend tasks. REST JSON API. Hosted on GitHub. Deployable with Capistrano to your own server. Deployable to heroku. Beacon hardware agnostic, with special features for our partner -

BeaconControl is all about empowering development not limiting it. You don’t have to use any particular beacon supplier to explore and develop on the BeaconControl platform.

Still, we truly believe that collaboration is the key to success. That's why we've partnered with, a global manufacturer of best-in-class beacon hardware and key innovator of proximity solutions.’s fine hardware design, reliable firmware, a range of specialized products and great customer service make them a top choice for every use case and implementation.

That’s why we’ve developed a dedicated add-on enabling you to connect’s beacons instantly.

more Beacon

It only takes minutesto get started.

  • 10 minutes

    to set up a notification with a WiFi password for users who stay within a zone for longer than 15 minutes.

  • 30 minutes

    to integrate the BeaconControl iOS SDK with mobile application.

  • 60 minutes

    to perform a real-time query for a list of Facebook friends currently in the same beacon zone.

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