Eddystone and iBeacon Compatible Beacon

Minew Nrf52832 Mini Bluetooth Motion Sensor With IBeacon Eddystone

Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Product name:
Bluetooth Motion Sensor
Nordic nRF52832/nRF51822
IP Grade:
Delicate surface and exquisite craft
Battery lifetime:
2 to 3 years
Transmission Range:
Model number:
3M back sticker
Supply Ability:
50000 Piece/Pieces per Day Minew nrf52832 Mini Bluetooth Motion Sensor with iBeacon Eddyst
Packaging Details
Minew nrf52832 Mini Bluetooth Motion Sensor with iBeacon Eddystone

20pcs E7 ibeacon and eddystonen per packing box

200pcs E7 ibeacon and eddystone per carton


Product Description

 Minew nrf52832 Mini Bluetooth Motion Sensor with iBeacon Eddystone


1. The MiniBeacon E7 is a very popular and modern iBeacon with ARM core chipset nRF52832 and leverage BLE 4.0 technology

2. It has a soft-touch round case, accurate hardware and robust firmware.
3. It is designed for commercial advertising and indoor location-based service.
4. Minew Beacons broadcast 2.4GHz radio signals at regular and adjustable intervals.
5. Mini ibeacon can be heard and interpreted by iOS and Android BLE-enabled devices that are equipped with many mobile apps.


– E7 beacon with accelerometer sensor option;
– Delicate surface and exquisite craft
– 18months battery lifetime;
– Long working range
– IP67 waterproof grade, applied to harsh outdoor environment
– Typically use for indoor location advertising, visitors flow counts and asset tracking

Application of E7 BLE Waterproof Beacon

Monitoring: In retail: In retail, a department store uses monitoring to analyze in-store behavior of their customers, assess the effectiveness of marketing programs and promotions, and learn about their staff’s utilization.


Tracking:NDOORS: A hospital group can provide physicians with wearables that report their location, enabling all doctors to be tracked inside the buildings as well as in transit to other facilities.



1.Museum: A visitor at a museum automatically receives information about an exhibit when standing in front of it.
2.Check-in: Guests “check in” automatically when entering a hotel lobby, and are subsequently directed to their assigned rooms. No standing in line at the registry, and no wait.

3. coupons: Customers at a retail establishment receive coupons for promotional items as they enter the store

Config App
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Our Company

Founded in 2007, Minew has been engaged in IoT (Internet of Things) field for years and is keeping updated to the market demand all along.

We are an ISO9001:2008 certified manufacturer focusing on RF / Wireless products such as 2.4GHz BLE 4.0 related products.

We focus on designing and manufacturing many different high quality and low-cost iBeacons hardware, offering one-stop services include:

1. Schematic design;
2. Mold design;
3. PCB layout;
4. Firmware design;
5. Production and assembling.

Warmly welcome the OEM and ODM projects.

Packing & Delivery


According to our customers’ requirements, we are willing to handle the shipment for our customers, and the shipment fee is needed in this case. Fast Express like DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEx are all available here.  Or if our customers have their own Express account, freight forwarder in China, we are happy to contact their Express people or freight forwarder to pick up products from our factory.


Do you provide the technical support to the developers?
Re: SURE. The following technical data and documents will be provided to developers.
1. SDK 2. Firmware 3. Demo APP 4. Configuration APP 5. Instructions

Can I change the password?
Re: Yes, you can use configuration APP to change password by yourself.

Do you have SDK or the source code?
Re: Yes, we will provide you after sample was arrived.

Does MiniBeacon comply with iBeacon standard?
Re: Yes,MiniBeacon has been licensed by ibeacon stamdard program with contact No.iBC-14-00582.

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