Eddystone and iBeacon Compatible Beacon

Bluetooth BLE 4.0/4.1 Programmable Beacon/iBeacon/Eddystone TI CC2540/2541 Chip Replaceable Battery

Place of Origin:
Chongqing, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Model Number:
DIA29.50*10.00mm(outer size)
Searching Distance:
Connecting Distance:
Power Supply:
CR2032 battery, coin battery, 3.0Vdc, 1 pc(0.5~1year)
TI CC2540/CC2541
Working Current (3ms wake up):
About 235uA
Matching APP:
Android 4.3+, iOS 7.0+
Operation Frequency:
2400-2483.5MHz, Programmable
Frequency Error:
+/- 20KHz
Standby Current:
46uA, depends on duty cycle/broadcasting frequency
Supply Ability:
30000 Piece/Pieces per Week
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Product Description

Beacon technology is a massive step forward in ambient context identification for indoor positioning. Beacons allow for background positioning and detection, giving new power to a phone that can make it truly ‘smart’. JINOU Beacon is compatible with iBeacon, and there are applications for Android & iPhone.

Jinou Beacon uses Bluetooth 4.0 BLE technology. It’s so small that just like a coin, which can be easily placed indoor. Users can detect its UUID signal, RSSI signal and battery life signal by smart phones. Also, users can change its paring code, transmitted power and other customized functions. It has a virtue of quick respond and less Latency. Additional functions: power switch, power level indicator Led, Buzz alarm etc.

1. Built-in firmware, compatible with iBeacon
2. Bluetooth Low Energy
3. Available for long distance transmission
4. Precise figures indicate received signals strength
5. CE/FCC standard
6. High performance, low power consumption
7. Temperature sensor
8. AES Security Processor

Bluetooth version
Bluetooth BLE 4.0
DIA29.50*10.00mm(outer size)
indoor & outdoor
Searching Distance
Connecting Distance
Power Supply
CR2032 battery, coin battery, 3.0Vdc, 1 pc(0.5~1year)
TI CC2540/CC2541
Working Current (3ms wake up)
About 235uA
Matching APP
Android 4.3+, iOS 7.0+
Operation Frequency
2400-2483.5MHz, Programmable
Frequency Error
+/- 20KHz
Standby Current
46uA, depends on duty cycle/broadcasting frequency
Broadcasting Frequency
2S, duty cycle
Output Power
0 dBm, default setting, programmable
Receiving Sensitivity
-93dBm, high gain mode
Transmission Distance
25 meters, BER<0.1%, open space
50ohm, on board/ PCB antenna
Operation Voltage
2.0-3.6V, DC

beacons Applications:


1. advertising and positioning
2. Built-in pairing password preventing others to modify Settings
3. UUID, Major and Minor values can be amended by the users
4. Broadcast cycle can be modified by the users
5. The battery intelligent detection and notification
6. Names shown on the iOS device can be modified by the user
7. jBeacon compatible with iBeacon when connected with other iOS devices, it will continue broadcasting
8. Free jBeacon firmware upgrade services
9. Fashionable customized cover and firmware services
10.Kinds of sensors can be added to use it in logistics tracking, greenhouse, buildings, baby house, hospitals, etc.

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Company Profile

Chongqing Jinou Science & Technology Development CO., Ltd is established in September 2000. We focus on Bluetooth Technology as a leader in China for 15 years. Jinou Bluetooth Technology Research Institute shoulders R & D task for our customers and help them keep top position in their field needless to mention some of them even went IPO.

Our engineers has published more than 10 works in Bluetooth technology, such as Bluetooth Technology, Bluetooth Protocol and Source Code Analysis, Wireless Local Area Network, Wireless Network Security, IPTV and Its Solution, Zigbee Technology and Cases Analyses, ULP Bluetooth Technology Specification Analyses, etc.. In addition, they also present more than 80 Disquisitions and more than 60 patents.

In recent years, Jinou has partnerships with Mediacom, Gamestop, Microsoft, ARM, Invengo, HUAWEI,POTEVIO, Southsurvey, Chongqing CHANGAN, Hanwei, SNBC, Newland Group, Hi Target, CMCC, China UNICOM, CQTV, IT University of Copenhagen, Peking University, Tsinghua University, Chongqing University, Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunication etc..

Some of our products like Smart Socket[Bluetooth/ WiFi/ infrared], Bluetooth headphones, Bluetooth Smart Controller, Fly Mouse, Bluetooth Locks, Bluetooth Medical Module, Wearable Bluetooth Module, Beacon etc., are welcomed by all people around the world except the residents from North pole and South pole.


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